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  Mind Traveller  Tattoo Design Thumbnail Zen Flowers Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Steve Cornicelli
  Meta Luna Tattoo Design Thumbnail Creature Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Jeremiah McCabe
  Wolf Headdress  Tattoo Design Thumbnail Virgin Mary Time Bomb Tattoo Design Thumbnail
Frank Lewis
  Frank Butterfly Tattoo Design Thumbnail Anchor Tattoo Design Thumbnail


October 20, 2014

LITOS is a Proud Supporter of the Best Tattoo Needles on the market today. ION HOLLOW Needles and Victor Portugal Needles 

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Jeremiah at Hell City and Asheville
March 06, 2014

Jeremiah McCabe will be traveling across the country and the globe this year! He will be tattooing at the Asheville Tattoo Art Expo March 14-16 and at Hell City in Columbus,Ohio April 11-13. Contact him at darthjer23@yahoo.com to submit your ideas!! Thanks and see ya on the road

Hypercast Live !
November 24, 2013

Honor to be Part of this Great Inspiring Webcast with the Most Talented Artists. Check out our free ?#‎live? 

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